Ultimate Ubud 10 Day Itinerary


Planning a trip to Ubud, Bali but not sure where to start? This is the post for you! Here you’ll find a detailed itinerary for 10 days in Ubud, Bali. We hope you have as much fun as we did!

Day 1: Welcome to Ubud!

Yay! You made it! After such a long journey to get here you are probably exhausted. Check-in to your hotel, sit back, relax by the pool and maybe explore the streets surrounding your hotel for some dinner.

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Day 2: Walk the Streets of Ubud

This beautiful city has tons of amazing things to do! Spend the day exploring its busy streets and soaking in the atmosphere.

Morning: Head to the Ubud Market to haggle on goods. Here you’ll find any souvenir you could ever want, from shorts to yoga bags to keychains.

Tip: We recommend buying from vendors in the morning as they are much more likely to give you a good deal! Buying from them in the morning means they will have good luck in their sales for the remainder of the day. It’s best to have an idea of how much you want to pay for an item in advance and to be prepared to walk away if the vendor won’t budge. 

Once you’ve had your fill of haggling (which can get overwhelming after a while!), head to Sari Organik for a relaxing lunch among the rice paddy fields. Be warned, it is about a 15 minute walk from the main road, but it is such a lovely walk and definitely worth it!

Afternoon: Head back into town once you’ve eaten as much healthy food as you can and spend the afternoon enjoying the beautiful Ubud Palace and Saraswati Temple.

Tip: Be sure to bring a sarong (or buy one at the market in the morning!) as these are mandatory to wear inside temples. Both men and women must wear them!

Ubud Palace

Once you’ve had your fill, head back to your hotel, passing by tons of cute little shops. Stop by a local cafe or gelato shop if you’re in the mood – there will be tons on your way back.

Evening: Spend the beginning of the evening cooling off by the pool. Go on the hunt for some dinner once your stomach starts to grumble. Check out our list of recommended restaurants in Ubud!


Day 3: Explore the Surrounding Areas

Today will be a day filled with exploring! Hire a driver for the day to bring you to beautiful sights in the surrounding areas of Ubud (it cost us 550 000 rupiah for the day). Alternatively, you could also rent motorbikes and drive this course yourself.

Tip: Wear comfortable, breathable clothes and comfortable shoes today as you will be doing lots of walking!

Morning: Head to the Tegenungan Waterfall for some amazing views. You can even swim in the pools surrounding the waterfall! Plan to spend 45 minutes to 1 hour here.


Next, head to Goa Gajah (the Elephant Cave Temple). Though the temple site isn’t all that big, the elephant cave is quite impressive with its intricate carving. Plan to spend around 30 minutes here.

Continue your journey to Gunung Kawi (the Rock Temple) for more temple exploration. Be warned, you need to go down A LOT of stairs before you reach this temple, which means you must then come back up. If you are feeling a little ‘templed out’, this would be the temple to skip in our opinion. Plan to spend 30 minutes here.

Afternoon: Drive to your last temple of the day, Tirta Empul (the Holy Water Temple), and in our opinion the most beautiful temple of all! Here you can witness locals (and tourists) participating in a purification ritual where they cleanse themselves in large pools of holy water. Anyone can participate as long as they are appropriately dressed, although we opted not to. Plan to spend 30 minutes here.

Tirta Empul

You must be getting hungry! Drive over to Kintamani for beautiful views of Mt. Batur while you dine. There are tons of restaurants lining the streets so take your pick of any of them (your driver will likely have a recommendation). Plan to spend 45 minutes to 1 hour here.

Tip: If you loved Sari Organik as much as we did, check out their location in Kintamani!

Last stop of the day: Tegalalang Rice Terraces. By far our favourite stop, we spent over an hour exploring every nook and cranny of the terraces (and wish we had more time – but it started to rain quite hard!). Be sure to go down the many stairs to explore – it is totally worth it! If you aren’t up for it, you can also stay at the top and enjoy the view. Plan to spend at least 1 hour here.

Evening: Once you arrive back at your hotel, spend the rest of the evening cooling off by the pool. Grab some dinner at one of these awesome restaurants in Ubud!

Day 4: Learn to Cook

Morning: Wake up early and head to the Campuhan Ridge for a short hike. It’s best to go early as the heat can be quite extreme, and there will be way less people along the trail. 

Stop at Karsa Cafe for a refreshing coconut drink and breathtaking views before heading back into town.

Afternoon: Grab some lunch at Alchemy. They serve amazing healthy foods! Once you’ve had your fill of delicious food, head back to your hotel to relax by the pool and cool off.

Evening: Take a cooking class at Paon Bali Cooking Class. You can also take the cooking class in the morning if you prefer.

Day 5: Relax at the Spa 

Morning/Afternoon: Spend the entire day at the spa! Head to Jaen’s Spa Shanti around 10AM and spend the day being pampered from head to toe. We opted for the Holistic and Beauty Spa Package and spent a full 5 hours at the spa! All for only 650 000 IRP you’ll get a massage, body scrub, facial and hair cream bath + lunch!

Evening: Once you arrive back at your hotel, spend the rest of the evening cooling off by the pool. Grab some dinner at one of these awesome restaurants in Ubud! You’ll need to go to bed early because tomorrow you’ll…


Day 6: Climb a Volcano 

Morning: Wake up at 1:30 AM to prep for what is sure to be one of the most incredible moments of your life. Climb an active volcano, Mount Batur, during the night to make it to the top for a breathtaking sunrise. It’s hard and it’s so so early, but it’s worth it!

Afternoon/Evening: You’ll be exhausted by the end of your trek, so head back to your hotel to relax and recover. Sleep the afternoon away, hang out by the pool and wander around the nearby streets in search for a casual dinner.

Mount Batur

Day 7: Chill out at the Beach in Canggu

Morning: Wake up early and hire a driver to take you to Canggu beach (about 2 hours away from Ubud). Once you arrive, hire one of the many instructors on the beach and learn to surf! You’ll be tired after 2 hours, which is totally normal (surfing is so hard!).

Afternoon: Grab lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. Once you’ve satisfied your belly, head back to the beach to chill out. Rent a chair, grab some beers, read a book.

Evening: Watch the sunset on the beach – it’s the best place to see it! Snap as many photos as you can and then head to Old Man’s bar (a beach side bar) for some dinner, live music and more beer. Head back to Ubud once you’ve had your fill.


Day 8: Bike Through Rice Fields 

Morning/Afternoon: Spend the day biking through the Balinese countryside with Bali Eco Cycling. During this tour we had the opportunity to eat breakfast in Kintamani (overlooking Mount Batur), taste various flavours of Balinese coffee, bike and walk through rice fields, visit a traditional Balinese home and speak to a Balinese wood carver. To top it all off the tour ended with an amazing Balinese feast.

Evening: Complete your day by hanging out by the pool at your hotel and recovering from the day’s events. Grab some dinner at one of the many restaurants in Ubud.


Day 9: Get Your Zen On 

Morning: Chill out and get your zen on at a yoga class at Yoga Barn. They have tons of awesome classes daily, and for all levels so even if you’re a total newbie to yoga there is a class for you.

Afternoon: Have a delicious and healthy lunch at Kafe and explore the streets of Ubud some more for the rest of the afternoon.

Evening: Grab a beer at one of the many local watering holes.


Day 10: Fly Home 

Though you’re horribly sad that your trip has come to an end, count your blessings, you’ve just spent the most amazing time in Bali! Remember your time here forever.

Bali Love

Have you been to Ubud?

What was your favourite part?

If you plan on visiting Ubud and have questions, please comment below and we’ll try to help as best we can!

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