5 Ways to Spot a Canadian Abroad

5 ways to spot a canadian abroad
Photo By Baigal Byamba via StockPholio.net

Travelling always brings out my inner national pride, something I don’t usually feel when I’m at home in Canada. This seems to be something that many travellers experience when they are spending time abroad, whether it be for a short or long time. That said, I have found that no matter where I am in the world, there is always at least one other Canadian and we are so easy to spot! So the next time you’re looking for a familiar North American face abroad here’s how to spot a Canuck:

1. Eh?

I used to absolutely loathe this stereotype of Canadians, but guess what? It’s true! I only noticed it when I did an exchange to Ireland and all my new European friends pointed it out to me. Listen closely though ’cause you might miss it! We usually say “eh?” as a way to end a sentence or ask if someone agrees with our statement. For example, “That was really good eh?”.

2. Sorry!

Canadians apologize for everything! For example, when travelling through Asia it’s inevitable to bump into fellow humans. There is limited space and so many people! Look for the person apologizing when this happens, regardless if this is their fault. Chances are, they will be a fellow Canadian.

3. Canadian flag paraphernalia

Walk through an airport and chances are you’ll see a Canadian flag stitched onto a backpack. Okay, this may get a little confusing as I have heard that travellers from other countries also put the Canadian flag on their bags, but it’s all good – the more the merrier!

4. It’s too hot!

Because Canada’s climate is so cold basically all year round, Canadians aren’t used to any temperature above 30 degrees Celsius. That means that we’re likely the ones wearing shorts and t-shirts when the locals are wearing coats because a day where the sun is shining and it’s above 20 is a hot summer day in our books. This also means that when we visit countries where the temperature is above 30, we’re the ones sweating more than everyone else, carrying deodorant in our bags and fanning ourselves with anything available. We have nothing like this in Canada!

5. Missing Tim Horton’s

Another true stereotype about Canada – we love our Tim Horton’s! Though I don’t eat it all that often when I’m at home, this is always the first thing I seem to miss when I travel. The taste of an Iced Capp, the smell of freshly baked muffins, the gooeyness of fresh doughnuts. You’ll find a Tim Horton’s in basically every airport in Canada and it always has a long line-up when a flight arrives. For those of you who don’t know what Tim Horton’s is, I urge you to find one when you visit Canada. It’s a coffee shop chain that has spread across Canada like nobody’s business.

Note: These are generalizations about Canadians and are based on my personal experiences. Not every Canadian out there feels or acts this way! 

How do you spot Canadians when you’re abroad?

Do you know of any other true stereotypes? 

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5 ways to spot a canadian abroad
Photo By Baigal Byamba via StockPholio.net

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