8 Fun Things to Do in Busan

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As our time in Korea is quickly wrapping up (we have less than 2 months left here – whhaaaaaaa), we’ve decided to give you guys a list of fun things to do in one of our favourite cities in Korea – Busan.

So if you’re planning on visiting this awesome coastal city, maybe add this list to your browser favourites – you know if you like and stuff…

Relax (and get scrubbed) at Spa Land

Our absolute favourite thing to do in Busan (we have visited the spa basically every time we’ve been in Busan), Spa Land is the place for the ultimate relaxation. But be warned, despite it’s Western-style spa exterior, it’s still a Korean jjimjilbang which means you’ll need to get naked. Like actually. In the nude. Birthday suit. Yep.

Get lost in the winding streets of Gamcheon Culture Village

If colourful houses, winding streets and cute shops/cafes are your thing then you will be in absolute heaven here. A former refugee housing area from the Korean War of the 1950s, Gamcheon Culture Village was transformed in 2009 by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with local artists. Today Gamcheon is the ultimate place to take those perfect Instagram shots (just ask the hoards of people toting selfie sticks).

If you’d like to read more about Gamcheon’s history, check out this article.

Gamcheon Culture Village Busan Korea

Reflect at the UN Memorial Cemetery

These peaceful grounds honour fallen soldiers from 16 different countries that were killed in battle during the Korean War. They are the perfect place to reflect and pay your respects to these brave souls.

Hang out at the beach (Gwangalli beach and Haeundae beach)

Day or night, summer or winter, walking along the beachside promenade of Busan’s two most famous beaches is the perfect way to unwind. Gwangalli beach is especially beautiful at night, offering spectacular views of the picturesque Gwangandaegyo bridge. It’s also a local hangout with street vendors selling anything from firecrackers to handmade treasures.

Haeundae Beach Busan Korea

Explore the largest department store in the world

If you like shopping (or just want to see something really cool) head to Busan’s Shinsaegae Department Store which was deemed the largest department store in the world in 2009. Inside you’ll find a seemingly endless amount of stores, an ice rink, restaurants, a movie theatre, a spa (see our paragraph about Spa Land above) and tons of other fun surprises. Basically you could spend your entire trip there without getting bored (although we do recommend checking out the other things on this list too…).

Admire Yonggunsa Temple

Full disclosure time: though this temple is quite beautiful due to its seaside location, it is by no means the most beautiful temple in Korea. It’s quite touristy and very crowded, not to mention quite out-of-the-way. We had a serious case of expectation vs. reality let down when we visited. However, if you happen to be in the Haeundae beach area with a free afternoon, this is a fun activity to kill a few hours.

Yoggunsa Temple Busan Korea

Shoot a gun at the Busan Shooting Range (부산실탄사격장)

This might sound a little bit weird, especially when considering that Korea has basically zero gun culture. That said, this was the first place we ever shot a gun (or even touched one) and we had a great experience! You can choose from a variety of guns to shoot from (we chose some cool 007 ones) and then buy the amount of bullets you’d like to shoot (we only did 10). Experienced instructors then teach you how to shoot and guide you along the way. As an added bonus you even get to keep your marksman board!

Attend a festival

Cheery blossoms. K-Pop music. Fireworks. Film. Busan has such a large variety of festivals throughout the year that you are sure to catch at least one during your visit. Our personal favourites were the Busan International Firework Festival and the nearby Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival. For a list of festivals in the city, click here.


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8 Fun Things to Do in Busan Korea

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