World Abound Katherine

I grew up wanting to travel the world, reading travel books under the covers at night and dreaming of the day that I would finally board a plane to my first destination. Since my very first trip to the Dominican Republic in 2011, I have gone to Europe on four separate occasions, backpacked through Thailand and Cambodia, and visited numerous Caribbean islands as well as Mexico.

My ultimate life goal is to fill all the pages in my passport (which will prove to be easier now that Canada has 10 year passports!).

A few fun facts about me:

  • I grew up in a suburb of Canada’s capital, Ottawa.
  • My favourite colour is blue (as if you couldn’t already tell from the colour scheme of this blog lol).
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration – and who knows, maybe I’ll even use it one day!
  • I am the planner behind all of the wonderful adventures you see on World Abound. What can I say? It’s the organized, type A control freak within me that just loves it!
  • I am addicted to chocolate. Seriously. Like one chocolate bar a day kind of addicted.


World Abound Jordon

Although not as decorated as my better half, my passion for travel is no less. Ever since experiencing my first sense of wonder in the mountains of Nicaragua, I knew I had found something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The places I have been lucky enough to visit include Mexico, the Caribbean islands, Eastern Canada/United States and Nicaragua.

When I’m not travelling, you can find me either on the ice in the hockey rink or slaying monsters in the latest video game.

A few fun facts about me:

  • Born and raised in Canada’s capital, Ottawa – it’s a wonder I never crossed paths with Katherine while growing up since we lived only five minutes apart!
  • The one ingredient that always seems to find itself in every meal I eat is cheese.
  • The place where I feel most comfortable in the world is on the ice playing hockey.
  • One of my top bucket list items is to attend The International Dota 2 Grand Finals.
  • I have yet to pass a mirror that haven’t checked myself out in. Don’t lie, you do it too.


World Abound About Us

We met in early 2015 in the cafeteria of our office building – you know, back when we had boring office jobs and stuff. We have been inseparable ever since (well almost, Katherine may have played hard to get at first…).

We love all (okay, most) aspects of travelling, from the giddy feeling we get when boarding an airplane that will take us to our next destination to getting lost in a country where we have no hope of knowing the language to ask for directions. We love the unknown brought on by our various adventures and leaning on one another to get through the not so glamorous parts of travelling.

We are both currently ESL teachers in South Korea, and sadly do not have an unlimited amount of time to travel at the moment (although living abroad sort of feels like one big trip sometimes!). However, we have made travelling our priority and use all of our vacation time and weekends to explore as many corners of our new home as possible.

Together we’ve travelled to CanadaCubaIceland, IndonesiaUnited States, South Korea, VietnamThailand.

Stay tuned for more awesome adventures coming your way in the future!

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