Our Best Memories of 2016

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Happy 2017!

Wow, we can’t believe another year has come and gone. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of 2016.

One of our favourite parts of welcoming a new year is reflecting on the past one. Like most people, we usually set ourselves new year resolutions. However, unlike most people, ours are about travel. This year we set a HUGE goal of moving to another continent – and guess what? We did it!

In fact, 2016 was a huge year for us! We made so many of our dreams come true and went through so many changes. We grew as individuals and as a couple in ways we never even thought possible. We’ve had the opportunity to see and do amazing things that have been on our bucket list for quite some time.

Quite honestly, it will be a hard year to top! That said, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite moments of 2016:

January: We rang in the new year in Times Square, New York City. It was one heck of a party, where we met some great people and made some great memories.

We also got to hang out at beautiful white sand beaches for an entire week in Holguin, Cuba in celebration of Katherine finishing her undergrad degree.

February: In true Canadian fashion we attended Winterlude, Ottawa’s annual outdoor winter festival. We ate BeaverTails, drank hot apple cider and skated on the Rideau Canal.

March: We applied to become English teachers in South Korea, a decision, little did we know, that would be one of the best of our lives!

April: We toured our home city and made this awesome DIY Ottawa Walking Tour for you guys to enjoy when you visit Canada’s capital!

DIY Ottawa Walking Tour
Jordon at the National Gallery of Canada

May: Our inner geeks came out when we attended Ottawa Comi-Con for Jordon’s birthday. We loved it so much that it’s now one of our goals to attend the original Comi-Co in San Diego.

June: Katherine officially graduated from her undergrad! All that work paid off just to be able to wear that cool robe and walk across the stage.

July: We packed up our apartment and said goodbye to our friends and family. Though this isn’t exactly a happy memory, more like bittersweet, we were preparing for the adventure of a lifetime.

We also got to hang out in Montreal for a day, basically creating our own food tour throughout the city. The day ended on a high note when we saw the Zelda Symphony of the Goddess (didn’t Katherine get Jordon the best gift for Christmas last year!?).

August: On our way to Asia we got to spend 24 hours in Vancouver. This was the first time we had been to the West part of our country (embarrassing, we know) and it was the perfect day! We biked in Stanley Park, ate amazing food and hung out on Granville Island.

Stanley Park - Lions Gate Bridge
View of the Lions Gate Bridge while biking in Stanley Park

We hiked up an active volcano in Bali, Mount Batur, at sunrise. Though we weren’t happy to wake up at 3:30 AM, that sunrise was one of the most beautiful and breathtaking things we’ve ever seen.

August is also the month where we first stepped foot on Korean soil, attended JLP orientation, got settled into our new home in Hwasun and started teaching.

Mount Batur
The sunrise at the top of Mount Batur

September: Excited to finally be settled into our new home, we jumped at the chance to explore every nook and cranny of Korea. Our first solo trip was exploring the beautiful green tea fields in Boseong. We also walked the streets of a traditional hanok village in Jeonju, and went camping in Wando over Chuseok weekend.

Jordon gazing at this beautiful sunset in Wando

October: Another month of exploration, we went to Namhae Island for Oktoberfest, attended the Jinju Lantern Festival, hiked Korea’s 2nd tallest mountain (by accident lol), Mount Jiri, saw the international firework festival in Busan, shot guns for the very firs time, went to a K-Pop concert and celebrated Halloween on a cruise on the Han River in Seoul!

A view from our hike to the top of Mount Jiri

November: A quieter month compared to October, we explored our small town and went to Seoul for Katherine’s birthday. Our favourite part was going to Korea’s version of Disney, Lotte World, and feeling like kids again.

Things to do in Seoul
Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul

December: Our friend Caroline came from Japan to visit us in Seoul where we went on many adventures, including eating live squid! The tentacles were still moving around in our mouths when we ate it. There really is no limit to the amount of things you can do in Seoul.

We also completed a temple stay at Seonunsa Temple where we got a glimpse into a Korean monk’s life. It was a truly unique experience where we even got to make a new monk friend!

Seonunsa Temple
Seonunsa Temple

Wow! What a year! It’s no wonder why we think it will be hard to top. We’re so thankful to have these opportunities and, more importantly, that our health allows us to take them head on.

We wish all of you amazing readers that have followed us on our adventures this year a fantastic new year! May your year be filled with health, happiness and love (and travel!).

Cheers to 2017!

What are your favourite moments of 2016?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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