How Much to Budget for 2 Weeks in Thailand


Thailand – a backpacker’s dream. Not only does this gorgeous country have insanely beautiful beaches, awesome food and countless adventures just waiting for you, all of it can be done at a low price. So like we said, a backpacker’s dream.

Our goal was to keep the trip under $950 CAD excluding the flight (and we did – woo!). We haven’t included the cost of our flights in this budget as flight prices can vary greatly based on time and location of departure.

So how much should you budget for 2 weeks in a backpacker’s dream? We kept track of our expenses using the Trail Wallet app in order to show you exactly where our money went and to show you what you can expect to pay, for various goods and services.

Please note that all prices shown are per person, with costs for everything (with the exception of souvenirs) being split between 2 people. 

Thailand Budget


Although there are many ways to get around Thailand (walking, biking, motorbike, car, etc.), we mostly walked – as usual. This is our method of transportation of choice since it’s free and we find it’s the best way to explore a new place. That said, when it came to city transfers we chose to fly. We found that spending 8+ hours on a crowded bus or train was just not worth the time and effort since we only had 2 weeks and found cheap flights. To give you an idea of the prices we paid:

  • Minibus from Phuket airport to Patong beach: ฿150 THB
  • Taxi from Chiang Mai airport to Old City: ฿75 THB
  • Motorbike rental in Chiang Mai: ฿100 THB
  • Subway from Bangkok airport to city centre: ฿60 THB
  • Water taxi in Bangkok: ฿15 THB

TOTAL: $232.96 CAD

Thailand Budget


Our hotels were all amazing and really cheap! You will have no problem finding cheap accommodations in Thailand, no matter which city you decide to visit (although we did find the prices to be a bit higher in the islands). It will all depend on the kind of trip you are looking for and what you are willing to spend. Thailand really can be done on any budget.

  • Hotel in Patong Beach (Phuket): $25.13 CAD/night
  • Private hostel room in the Old City (Chiang Mai): $7.13 CAD/night
  • 8 person hostel dorm room in Siam (Bangkok): $10.67 CAD/night

TOTAL: $161.05 CAD

Thailand Budget

Food & Drinks

Pad Thai. Mango and sticky rice. Smoothies. Spring rolls. The list goes on and on. The food in Thailand is some of our favourite in the entire world, coming second only to Vietnamese food (that sh*#$t’s da bomb).

The choices are endless in Thailand – you could choose to go to a fancy bistro, a classic street stall or a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant. It really depends on your mood and your budget. The ‘Western’-style places (i.e. juice bars, bistros, cafes, etc.) tend to be on the more expensive side at about ฿220 THB for a drink (non-alcoholic) and meal. Small Thai stalls and restaurants are much cheaper, with meals coming in at around ฿50 – 100 THB. We tried to mix in both, coming in with a budget of around ฿120 THB per meal.

When it comes to alcohol, cocktails tend to be more on the expensive side, while beers are quite inexpensive (sometimes even cheaper than water!). Our most expensive cocktails cost us a whopping ฿650 THB (that’s about $25 CAD!!!), but we were at THE Sky Bar in Bangkok (where the Hangover Part II was filmed) so that’s definitely way higher than average. Beers cost us an average of ฿50 THB, depending on the bar.

TOTAL: $197.72 CAD

Thailand Budget


We did some pretty awesome things in Thailand so our entertainment budget was a little on the higher side (again lol). This is definitely something you could cut down on if you were on a tighter budget – just up to you to pick and choose which activities interest you the most. Here are the prices of our main activities:

  • Tour to James Bond Island: ฿1 250 THB
  • 1-hour foot massage: ฿200 THB
  • Half-day elephant experience at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary: ฿1 700 THB
  • Entrance into Wat Pho: ฿100 THB

TOTAL: $255.03 CAD

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary


This category includes our souvenirs and anything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories. Again, this could be kept much lower. For example:

  • SIM card (Unlimited data for 15 days): ฿300 THB
  • ATM fees: ฿100 THB – the ATM fees in Thailand are insane!!
  • 1kg of laundry: ฿40 THB

TOTAL: $60.16 CAD

Thailand Budget

Trip Total

We had an awesome time in Thailand, exploring golden temples, eating delicious Thai street food, motorbiking to Wat Phra That Suthep – all at quite a reasonable price! For our 2 weeks in Thailand we were able to stick to our budget of $950 CAD. That’s what we call bang for your buck. However, as mentioned before, if you’re looking to stay on a lower budget you could definitely cut down on the accommodations, entertainment and souvenirs.


Have you been to Thailand?

What was your budget like?

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Thailand Budget

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