How Much to Budget for 10 Days in Bali


Before embarking on our move to South Korea to teach English, we decided a little vacation to Bali was in order. We worked hard these past few months planning this move right?!

We imagined green rice fields, beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets – and boy were our expectations met! We had an amazing time in Bali and did some amazing things every single day. So how much would such a trip cost? It must be hella expensive no? Actually it wasn’t that bad at all!

Though Bali isn’t as cheap as some other countries in Asia, it still doesn’t come close to Western countries. We weren’t necessarily on a tight budget during our time in Bali, but we found that we spent a lot less than we thought we would for 10 days on this beautiful island – our goal was to keep the trip under $900 CAD excluding the flight (and we did – woo!). Flights can vary greatly based on time and location of departure.

So how much should you budget for 10 days in paradise? We kept track of our expenses using the Trail Wallet app in order to show you exactly where our money went and to show you what you can expect to pay for various goods and services.

Please note that all prices shown are per person. 

Karsa Cafe


Although there are many ways to get around in Bali (walking, biking, motorbike, car, etc.), we mostly walked or hired drivers to take us to other cities. The traffic was just so heavy and we really didn’t feel comfortable enough to rent bikes on Bali’s busy roads. That said, before booking any kind of transportation be sure to shop around for the best price and negotiate whenever possible. To give you an idea of the prices we paid:

  • Airport to Ubud: 350 000 IRP (about $35 CAD) – we likely could have negotiated a cheaper ride but had so much luggage we just went with a driver set up through our hotel
  • Ubud to Canggu: 700 000 IRP (about $70 CAD) for a drive there and back
  • Whole day for Ubud surrounding areas: 550 000 IRP (about $55 CAD)
TOTAL: $104.45 CAD

Motorbikes Ubud


Our hotel was a little on the expensive side for Asian standards, but it was worth every penny. Not only was it the best hotel we have ever stayed at, we also travelled in August, right in the middle of high season. This meant that all hotels in Ubud were on the high end, especially since we had no interest in staying in a shared dorm in a hostel.

That said, you will have no problem finding cheap accommodations in Bali, no matter which city you decide to visit. It will all depend on the kind of trip you are looking for and the budget you have. Bali really can be done on any budget.


Food & Drinks 

Oh the food! The choices are endless in Bali – you could choose to go to a fancy French bistro, a traditional Balinese warung or an organic vegetarian restaurant. It really depends on your mood and your budget. The ‘Western’-style places (i.e. juice bars, bistros, cafes, etc.) tend to be on the more expensive side at about 110 000 IRP for a drink (non-alcoholic) and meal. The Balinese warungs are much cheaper, with meals coming in at around 20 000 IRP. We tried to mix in both, coming in with a budget of around 60 000 IRP per meal.

When it comes to alcohol, cocktails tend to be more on the expensive side, while beers are quite inexpensive (sometimes even cheaper than water!). A cocktail will cost you around 70 000 IRP, while a small beer (if you drink the local brand – Bintang) will be around 25 000 IRP.

TOTAL: $93.29 CAD



We did so many things in Bali so our entertainment budget was through the roof! This is definitely something you could cut down on if you were on a tighter budget – just up to you to pick and choose which activities interest you the most. Here are the prices of our main activities:

  • Tour to hike Mount Batur: 300 000 IRP
  • Balinese cooking class: 350 000 IRP
  • Country-side bike tour: 500 000 IRP
  • Spa day: 700 000 IRP
  • Surfing lessons in Canggu: 350 000 IRP
TOTAL: $267.15 CAD

Batur10 (1)


We typically only buy a few souvenirs when we travel as they tend to be too heavy in our already small bags. However, this time around we bought a bit more than usual since everything was so cheap! Where else could you buy a silver ring for $7 CAD?! But much like the entertainment budget, this is totally up to you and you could definitely spend less (or more!) than we did.

TOTAL: $34.23 CAD



Basically everything that doesn’t fit into the categories above – for example, Katherine had an allergic reaction to who know’s what and needed to buy antiseptic cream to help clear it up.

TOTAL: $18.81 CAD

Bali Love

Trip Total 

We had the trip of a lifetime in Bali, exploring rice fields, eating delicious Balinese food, hiking up a volcano to see the sunrise – all at quite a reasonable price! For our 10 days we were able to stick to our budget of $900 CAD. That’s what we call bang for your buck. However, as mentioned before, if you’re looking to stay on a lower budget you could definitely cut down on the accommodations, entertainment and souvenirs.


Have you been to Bali?

What was your budget like?

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10 Days in Bali Budget

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  1. Chris Bennett

    Hey J&K!

    Love the accommodation recommendation. I checked out the cost for 2018. I’m looking at a grand vs the price you listed. Did you pre book or just show up and hope for a better deal. Any recommendations on finding the best price?

    • World Abound

      Hi Chris! Thanks for the comment. We had booked ahead on AirBnb, but as you probably know, many things can change the prices of hotels such as time of year, events, etc. In this case we believe it’s due to the fact that the hotel was quite new when we booked it. Our preferred method of finding hotels is through or However, if you’re really set on staying at a particular hotel, the best price will usually be on the hotel’s website. We aren’t really fans of showing up somewhere without pre-booking accommodations. Best of luck in your search for a hotel and we hope you have a great holiday in Bali! 🙂

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