Camping in Wando on Chuseok Weekend

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With our first Korean holiday on the horizon, it was time to plan another getaway in our goal to see as much of Korea as possible during our time living here. Chuseok is a holiday celebrated in September where families meet for a few days, coming together to eat and pay respects to their deceased elders. Unfortunately, the only family we have in Korea is each other so we figured we’d make the most of it and do something we love…camping!


Camping in Korea is as easy as finding a spot for your tent and setting it up, and our sights were set on the beach! We planned to visit the southern most tip of Korea in a county called Wando, an area of Korea that is famous for its islands and beaches. It also didn’t hurt that we had some good friends who were living and teaching there as well!

Taking the charter bus from Gwangju to Wando took approximately two hours. After grabbing a quick bite to eat at Noodle Tree Restaurant, we wasted no time in taking a cab to the famous Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach.


Since we had a couple hours to wait for our friends, we made the most of it and set up our chairs and started relaxing. Soft, pale sand dotted with a few seashells here and there and the low waves lazily rolling in was all we could see. Due to the fact that Koreans don’t typically visit the beach after the designated summer months, hardly anyone obstructed our view. The area of Sinji has a few amenities for tourists and locals alike such as a small hotel, a convenience store, a restaurant or two and bathrooms right on the beach.

Our plan was to pop the tent right on the beach but our friends had discovered a hidden camping gem a little bit further down the coast. We arrived to the site in less than ten minutes and walked down near the water to three raised platforms perfect for holding a tent and supplies. A small trail leading down to the rocky shore gave us a chance to witness one of the nicest sunsets we’ve seen in Korea so far.


After a night spent drinking, telling stories and catching up with our friends by candle light, we packed up our things and headed to the gorgeous lookout of Wando Tower the nest morning. We’re still not 100% sure if we were supposed to pay but everyone smiled and was happy to say hello so we’re not going to complain, thanks Korea! 😉 The top of the tower has a stunning 360 degree glass view of the county below and all its famous islands. To capture the memory, the four of us took a green screen picture while a few Korean families stared on in curiosity. It was probably because our shirts blended in with the screen and we were just a bunch of floating heads…

We were quite thankful to have friends that know the area and were able to show us around during our time in Wando. The beach is by far the top spot to visit in this part of the country and when we returned the next day with the sun shining, there was no way we weren’t getting in the water because it was “too cold”. Have you swam in Canada ocean in September!?

All in all, Wando was a nice little getaway for our first holiday in Korea and a great place for beach bums and camping enthusiasts alike.

Have you been camping in Korea?

What was your experience like?

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