World Abound Destinations

Want to travel but not sure where to start? Or have a destination in mind but in need of some tips? You’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find a list of all the places we’ve been so that you can start planning your next trip. We usually write about experiences, give you a budget, give you some packing suggestions and tons of other awesome (and hopefully useful) information.

World Abound Canada

Oh Canada! Our home and as a result, a place we hope to keep exploring further throughout our entire lives. There’s nothing quite like it, from its diverse culture to its breathtaking landscapes. If you like nature, good food and friendly people then this is the place for you!

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World Abound Cuba


Upon stepping foot in Cuba we immediately felt like we had travelled through time. Everything looked like it was from the 1960s, which may very well be the case! Check out this picturesque island if you like beautiful beaches, warm weather and interesting history. Oh and coconuts, they have those too.

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World Abound Germany


Amazing bread, beer, cars, highways, history – Katherine would seriously move to Germany if she could (maybe someday we will!). German history (i.e. the Cold War) is still so recent and well preserved that you can easily see tons of artifacts first-hand. Not into history? Germany also has tons of nature, delicious food and nightlife. You should check it out. Like srsly.

Fun Fact: Berlin is still in Katherine’s top 5 places ever.

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World Abound Iceland


When we landed in Iceland we felt like we had somehow landed on an entirely different planet. It’s unlike any place we’ve ever been and we had an amazing time driving around the entire country (in only a week!). It was so awesome that we plan on visiting it again in the (hopefully near) future.

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World Abound Indonesia


Rice fields on rice fields! Indonesia, specifically Bali, is one of the most beautiful islands we’ve ever been to. That said, there is still so much left of Indonesia to explore and we hope we’ll have the chance to do so one day.

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World Abound Ireland

Lush green fields, beer and lots of rain. Is this immediately what comes to mind when you think of Ireland? While you’re not wrong, Ireland is so much more. It’s home to leprechauns, fairies, talented dancers, and tons of other magical traditions.

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World Abound South Korea

We’ve gotten to explore so much of this amazing country while teaching English with JLP. We’ve gone everywhere from Seoul to Busan and tons of places in between – and still have more to visit! Korea is one of the few countries we feel like we’ve really gotten to know well.

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World Abound Thailand

Thailand should be number 1 on everyone’s backpacking list. Not only does it have some of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever seen, it also has delicious food, gorgeous mountains, beautiful rice fields and some pretty awesome parties. All at a low, low price.

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World Abound Vietnam

We only spent 10 days in Vietnam and seriously wish we had been able to spend more time here. Home to our favourite cuisine in the entire world, we basically ate our way through the country. Oh, and we also explored some pretty cool areas in the process.

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World Abound USA

The US of A – our neighbour to the south. Growing up in Canada has allowed us to visit lots of different areas of this vast and diverse country, but we’d love to explore more down the line. For now, NYC takes the cake as our favourite place in the country (probably has something to do with the fact that we spent NYE there in 2015).

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