Where to Eat in Ubud, Bali

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There is no shortage of restaurants to try in Ubud! From French bakeries to vegan cafes to traditional Balinese warung’s, everyone’s palate is sure to be pleased. Below you’ll find a list of our favourite places in the city!

Note: All the prices we’ve noted below include a meal and drink for two people.

Who’s Who

This place was one of our favourites! Located in a small alcove off the busy main street, Who’s Who is a small restaurant with the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner. The menu is a fusion of asian and european-stye dishes. Everything we tried was absolutely delicious! We recommend the Iced Tea, Penne Pasta dish and Chicken Curry.

Tip: Be sure to make reservations in advance (by phone or in person) as this is a small but very busy place!

Price for two people: 184 000 IRP

Who's Who Ubud


Every vegan’s dream, you’re guaranteed to eat one of the healthiest meals of your life at Alchemy. The restaurant has a beach hut atmosphere and even has a holistic spa on the second floor! It’s a little on the pricier side for food in Ubud, but we thought it was worth every penny. Here you’ll find delicious salad bowls, smoothie bowls and fresh pressed juice. We recommend the Aloha Pizza and Pasta Primavera.

Price for two people: 231 000 IRP

Buddha Bowl

For some reason this restaurant is always quiet, but we found it to be some of the best Pho we’ve ever had! They have a great atmosphere and decor, great prices and delicious food. You can expect to find Viet-Indo fusion food. We recommend the Beef Bowl and Chiang Mai Noodle Bowl.

Price for two people: 140 000 IRP

Buddha Bowl

Biah Biah

A traditional Balinese warung with an awesome vibe, this was our go to place when we needed a delicious yet inexpensive meal. Here you’ll find a wide selection of traditional Balinese cuisine. We recommend the Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng.

Price for two people: 60 000 IRP

Biah Biah Ubud

Taco Casa

Mexican food in Indonesia? Who knew that you could find some of the best Mexican we’ve had (not counting Mexico of course) in Ubud! Taco Casa makes most of their foods in house like their guacamole and salsa which means everything you taste is super fresh. We recommend the Beef Tacos and Chicken Quesadilla.

Price for two people: 200 000 IRP

Taco Casa Ubud

Sari Organik

A beautiful restaurant surrounded by rice paddy fields (they also have a location in Kintamani overlooking Mount Batur!). You’ll need to walk for about 15 minutes through rice fields, but the view will be worth it – promise! This restaurant has tons of choices and their food is all grown on their own organic farm. Here you’ll find an assortment of vegetarian dishes and traditional Balinese cuisine. We recommend the Romantic Salad and Mint Lemonade.

Price for two people: 160 000 IRP

Sari Organik


Another one of our favourites, you could hang out at KAFE all day long! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as an array of snacks – all at a very reasonable price. They had a huge selection of drinks and meals, so much so that everyone is sure to find something they like on the menu. We recommend Meg’s Large Salad Bowl, the Mint Lemonade Slush and the Broccoli Pesto Soup.

Price for two people: 160 000 IRP


Bonus: Bar Cawang

Not really a place to eat (although they do serve food), this little bar has some awesome drinks at a great price! They have happy hour basically every evening where you can get a free cocktail when you buy two. As an added bonus, this place is located right next to Biah Biah so you can go pre or after dinner! We recommend the Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito.

Price for two drinks: 140 000 IRP

Bar Cawang

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Where to eat in Ubud

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