Exploring Green Tea Fields in Boseong

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A few weeks ago we spent the day exploring green tea fields in Boseong, South Korea. It was an absolutely magical day and we had gorgeous weather. Read more about our experience in the post below!


Our day began at Hwasun train station where we took the Mugunghwa train  (slow train) to Boseong. The journey took 45 minutes and only cost us 2 700 won each (that’s about $3 CAD!). As Canadians, we were especially shocked that the train would be cheaper than a bus ticket since prices are so hefty for this mode of transport in our home country.


Once we arrived in Boseong, we immediately grabbed some lunch at a nearby spot and then headed to the Daehan Dawan Green Tea Plantation. It takes about 15 minutes by bus to get there. We aren’t exactly sure how we ended up in the right place, but if there’s one thing that we adore about Korea it’s that someone will always be willing to guide you to your destination (in our case the nice man at the train station).


As soon as we arrived we immediately set our sights on the majestic green tea fields. We walked around the plantation for quite a while and eventually made our way up to the gorgeous ocean view point. It took many, many stairs to get up there and was much more of a hike than we had anticipated, but it was totally worth it.


We then made our way back down to the main observation deck to get another glimpse of the tea fields before heading to the restaurant to get green tea ice cream! But let’s be honest, we like food way too much to only try that so we also had green tea churros, green tea bingsu (Korean ice treat), and iced green tea. The green tea soft serve ice cream was the best in our opinion and the only thing really worth getting.


Our last stop was the bamboo forest, which we luckily had all to ourselves. It’s crazy to think that bamboo is technically grass and that it can grow so high! It was a really cool experience being completely immersed in a bamboo forest.


Once we had our fill of ice cream, green tea fields and bamboo forests (and had gotten our requisite box of Boseong green tea) we headed back into town. We had unfortunately missed the bus by only a few minutes so we ended up sharing a taxi back with a little old Korean lady who talked to us the entire ride even though we had no idea what she was saying to us. All in all a pretty great day!

Have you been to Boseong?

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