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Ottawa Haunted Walk

Do you believe in ghosts? 

We recently had the opportunity to delve into the Otherworld with the Haunted Walks Inc. by participating in their Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa tour. In this post we’ll tell you all about our spooky experience and why you should try it out the next time you’re looking for a unique activity in the nation’s capital.

What is the Haunted Walk?

Did you know that Haunted Walks Inc. is Canada’s largest walking tour company? We didn’t either until taking one of their tours and learning a bit more about them. This awesome company offers daily tours all year round in Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. Their spooky tours take place in the evening by lantern-light, and as you’ll remember from your summer camp days as a child, this is the perfect setting for any ghost story! Their fantastic staff will take you all around the city and tell you all sorts of spooky stories, and they even wear robes!

Which tour did you take?

Our tour was called “The Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa” and it consisted of visiting local landmarks such as Lisgar Collegiate Institute, the Chateau Laurier and the ByTown Museum to name a few (we don’t want to ruin the tour for you!). Our guide told age old tales of ghosts and bizarre experiences that have occurred all over the city, and the best part was that they were all true! Very thoroughly researched and cross referenced, all stories told during the walk can be traced back to real people and locations. Since we don’t want to go too much into depth about the stories themselves (we’d probably scare you guys too much anyways…mouahaha), rest assured that the walk, the storytelling and the atmosphere very neatly come together to offer you a scenic and thrilling experience.

Ottawa Haunted Walk
Photo by Haunted Walk Inc.

What other tours are available?

Haunted Walk Inc. has a variety of tours:

  • Ghosts and the Gallows: Offered year-round (with a special Halloween edition), this tour will allow you to go inside the old Carleton County Jail (now the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel – did you know you can spend a night in a jail cell here?!) one of the most haunted buildings in North America!
  • The Crime and Punishment Jail Tour: Also offered year-round, this tour focuses on the above-mentioned and incredibly haunted old Carleton County Jail. Here you’ll find out how was the prison was used, what the living conditions were, etc.
  • The Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa: This is the tour we did and we had a great time! Offered between April and November, this tour will bring you all around the streets of Ottawa where a guide will tell you haunted stories of the city. You will never look at Ottawa’s most famous landmarks the same ever again!

Haunted Walks Inc. also offers specialty tours to celebrate various holidays such as Halloween and Christmas! Click here to find out more about these tours.

For their Kingston and Toronto tours, click here.

Our final thoughts

Overall, we had a great experience doing the Haunted Walk of Ottawa. For a couple that was born and raised in Ottawa, it was a real treat to learn about our city’s spooky history. We can only imagine that visitors would enjoy this even more as they will get to know a new place while listening to these truly frightening tales! They are fun facts to bring back to your home city. On our tour we had a mix of locals, expats and visitors, as well as families, couples and individuals of all ages. It is an activity that is suitable for almost any age and fitness level, while being fun and educational all at once. What made our experience that much better was our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. She really made the stories come alive!

The Ottawa Haunted Walk
Photo by Haunted Walk Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it last?

Most tours last 60-90 minutes, but this will depend on the tour you choose.

How big are the groups?

This will depend on the number of people who decide to do the walk on any given day, however, we were told that groups are usually no larger than 30 people. We were about 20 people, which seemed to be pretty average for a Tuesday night in June.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the tour you choose, but they cost between $15-20 per person.

Tip: They offer a student discount!

What should I bring?

Your smile, good walking shoes, weather appropriate clothing and some water. You will be walking outside for most of the tour so just be sure to check the weather forecast!

This all sounds great! I would love to do this with my friends/family. How can I contact them to reserve my spot?

Visit their website for a calendar of their tours, as well as online booking!

Still not convinced?

Check out the Haunted Walk Inc.’s stellar reviews on TripAdvisor! Be sure to look them up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

They’ve also put together an awesome video:


We’d like to thank Haunted Walks Inc. for generously sponsoring our experience in exchange for this review. As with all articles, you can be assured you are getting our honest opinions.

Have you ever done a Haunted Walk?

What was your favourite part?

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