How To: Create DIY Travel Wall Art

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How To: Create DIY Travel Wall Art

Last month we moved in to our very first apartment together (yay – happy dance!). After a few weeks of staring at the blank walls in our place we decided it was high time we put up some art. Yet, we couldn’t really decide what to put up. On our limited budget it’s not like we could just go out and buy our favourite Andy Warhol piece. But, after a little Pinterest research for inspiration and supply gathering, we came up with this awesome DIY travel wall art. Plus we got to display all of our postcards from around the world, so it was a win win.

What you will need for your DIY travel wall art:

  • 1 large frame in the size and colour of your choice. We chose to use an extra-large frame from Ikea in black. You can choose the colour and size appropriate for your space, so feel free to customize this as much as you’d like! ($19.99)
  • 1 map. The larger your frame, the bigger your map can be, and vice versa. Again, this will largely depend on how you want your art to look. We used a 23 x 32″ scratch map so that we could mark all of the places we had been. ($29.50)
  • Approximately 50 postcards. This will depend on how large your map/frame ratio is. We had been gathering postcards for a few years so this was easy, but you can also use picture from around the net, or from your own travels as an alternative (priceless)
  • Tape. To stick on all of those lovely postcards. You can just use regular old tape and it should do the trick. ($1.50)

TOTAL: $50.99

Step 1

Place the frame facedown on a flat surface covered with something soft (e.g. rug/carpet, bed or floor covered with sheet) in order to avoid damaging the frame. Then, remove the frame’s backing and place it to the side. You will not require this part of the frame until you are ready to hang it. Next, take the frame’s paper insert and place it flat next to the frame.

Step 2

Place your map face up on the paper insert and tape the edges down until you are satisfied that it will stay in place. Once you have completed this, scratch off the countries you have travelled to if you opted to use a scratch map. You could also draw dots or place stickers as an alternative if you opted to use a regular map.

Step 3

Place your first postcard along the edge of the map and tape it down, using your finger to make small circles with the tape and pressing it to the back of the postcard. We do this in order to avoid ugly tape marks all over. Repeat this step until all of the space between the map and the edge of the paper insert is filled. We also opted to stagger our postcards for an interesting look and to fit in as many postcards as possible. However, this is your choice and you may choose to place your postcards however you like.

Step 4

Place the paper insert with the postcard/map side facedown on the glass of your picture frame. Next, place the back of the frame and place it on top of the paper insert. You are now ready to hang your new DIY travel wall art. Enjoy! (and maybe brag to your friends and family that you’re the crafty person who made this wonderful thing).


Have you ever created any DIY travel wall art?

Any suggestions on how we could improve this project?

Share your thoughts below!

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How To: Create DIY Travel Wall Art

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