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Jigsaw Escape
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If you’re looking for something different to do, why not get locked in a room for 45 minutes with 5 of your closest friends?

As you may have heard, escape rooms have been popping up all over the world, even our home town of Ottawa. Last week we were lucky enough to try the Heist room at Jigsaw Escape Rooms.

What is an escape room?

In our opinion, this is an experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives. You and your friends are locked in a room for 45 minutes. You are given a scenario (which varies depending on which room you choose) and must solve a series of fun and challenging puzzles in order to find the key or code to escape the room! Fail to do so and you’ll be stuck there forever (cue evil laughter). Just kidding, you’ll be able to leave once the clock runs out (or you manage to escape the room).

What did you do at Jigsaw Escape Rooms?

We did the Heist room where we pretended to be part of an elite crime syndicate responsible for many high-end robberies. On our last job our partner double crossed us (how dare he!) and took the score for himself. So, we obviously tried to get all of them diamonds back but got locked in his safe house. Unfortunately we didn’t escape 🙁 Guess this means we’ll just have to try out all of their other rooms until we do…

Jigsaw Escape

What other rooms does Jigsaw have?

Jigsaw also has a CSI: The Study room where you are a Crime Scene Investigator (#lifegoals) documenting a killing that occurred in the study of a famous and eccentric entrepreneur. He is the owner of Cromwell toys, a company well-known for its puzzles and games. As you begin to investigate the crime scene, the door to the study slams shut. Over the intercom you hear a voice “I will be back to deal with you shortly.” You must escape the room before he comes back to kill you too!

The third room at Jigsaw is the Cabin room. Here you and your friends are on an evening hike in Gatineau Park when you hear a scream off-path and decide to investigate. This is the last thing you remember. When you wake up, you are in a mysterious cabin with no clue of how you got there and something feels off. There is blood on the walls and suddenly, 45 minutes begin counting down on a clock. Escape before the clock runs out, or else…

As you can see, Jigsaw has a large variety of rooms that are sure to please all interests!

They also have stellar reviews on TripAdvisor so we definitely aren’t the only ones that had an awesome time here!

Our final thoughts

Overall, we had a fantastic experience at Jigsaw Escape Rooms. The entire evening from the introduction to the pleasant staff, to the rush of frantic puzzle solving were a real treat. Having done a couple of escape rooms before we have to admit that Jigsaw is definitely our favourite so far. We participated with two first-timers and they also shared a very similar opinion, having felt that the rules were described well and they could contribute to solving the clues. We think that having a great atmosphere, a helpful and engaged staff, and rooms that are both challenging and rewarding are key to its success, and Jigsaw fit all those puzzle pieces together and more!

Jigsaw Escape Rooms
Photo by Jigsaw Escape Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it last?

You and your group have 45 minutes on the clock to solve the clues and escape the room. Jigsaw recommends arriving15 minutes prior to your showdown in order to sign a quick disclaimer and go over the rules. The entire evening should take about 1 hour.

How big does my group need to be?

The maximum is 6 people per room. Feel free to book with any number up to 6 but beware that you may run the risk of being joined but others to fill the 6 person limit. That said, bigger groups have the best chance of escaping as 6 heads are better than 2!

How much does it cost?

Each room costs 20$ plus tax, per person.

I’ve never done this! Will it still be fun?

Don’t worry – hints and clues are provided to help you and your team solve the puzzles and make your escape. We found all the clues to be quite logical, all you need to do is be observant and put your thinking cap on!

This all sounds great! I would love to do this with my friends/family. How can I contact them and reserve a room?

Visit Jigsaw Escape Rooms for contact info and online booking!

Still undecided?

Check out Jigsaw’s glowing reviews on TripAdvisor and you’ll see that we aren’t the only one’s crazy about them! Be sure to look them up on Facebook and Twitter too.

We’d like to thank Jigsaw Escape Rooms for generously sponsoring our experience in exchange for this review. As with all articles, you can be assured you are getting our honest opinions.

Have you ever done an escape room? 

Were you successful?

Jigsaw Escape

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