Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Namhae Island + Oktoberfest

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We’ve started to settle into our daily routine in Korea (which is still anything from the usual, there is always something that makes us scratch our head or burst out laughing for one reason or another!) but some days we still catch ourselves dreaming of even more adventures… must just be the wanderlust that’s a part of who we are!

During our visit to Namhae during Chuseok we were lucky enough to make a quick stop in the German Village. This village was founded by Koreans who returned from living and working in Germany during the modernization of Korea in 1960’s. The two countries shared a deal whereby Korea provided workers and Germany provided financial support during those times. The Koreans now living in the German village tried to make it as authentic as possible and even managed to import materials in order to build German-style houses, so it does give you a somewhat decent feeling of Germany!


So with our feet settled and Oktoberfest on the horizon, we thought, what better way to celebrate than to visit the German Village again! This time, we were joined alongside five friends who all wanted to experience the festivities.

After a questionable bus/cab ride to the hostel on Friday night, we met up with our friends and planned the day to come. Our first stop was for food, we had to see how the bratwurst measured up to German standards. The food was pretty good but we know that those who had previously visited Germany were hoping for some good old currywurst! And it wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without some steins of beer that are as big as your head! We were able to secure a table in the main square with our mugs of beer in order to sit back and soak it all in. There were many people dressed in traditional German lederhosen, both foreigners and Koreans alike. At the front of the square was a stage which featured all kinds of drum and music shows, beer drinking competitions and dancing. Unfortunately, none of us were able to make it on stage but we did have one heck of a time with the people around our table! We all decided to take a break for some more food and walked around the many stalls located throughout the German Village. On our way out of the main square, we happened on to a parade that was walking the streets! More displays of traditional clothing, art and music strolled past us.

Overall, it was a nice little way to celebrate this German tradition in a place that checked all the right boxes. Food, beer, friends, and music all came together on this little island quite nicely and we would definitely recommend grabbing a gang and visiting for the weekend during that time.

What to do in Namhae:
  • Stroll barefooted along Sangju Beach (you can also go camping there)
  • Hike (or drive) up to Boriam Temple for some breathtaking views of the island
  • Visit German Village (and go to Oktoberfest!)
  • Check out some beautiful rice terraces at the Gacheon Daerangi Village

Have you been to Namhae?

What did you think about the island?

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