Relaxing at the Blue Lagoon

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When we finally made it to the Blue Lagoon on the last day of our trip it was like a dream come true. The spa was on our way to the airport, and after such an excitement filled trip, it was exactly what we needed to relax.

We drove through some really awesome lava fields (will never get tired of those) and made our way to the spa.

The entrance was packed, as to be expected for such a widely known attraction, but we made our way through quite quickly as we had bought our tickets in advance and were able to skip a large part of the line. This is something we really recommend doing as it saves a lot of time and trouble.

We bought Standard entrance tickets which cost 35 euros (around $50 CAD) and provided us with entrance to the main pool and a locker to store our things.

There are also many other ticket options ranging from 50-165 euros including things such as drinks, bathrobes, towels, etc.

FYI the standard entrance package does not include a towel or flip flops, so be sure to bring those along if you don’t want to rent one (7 euros per towel) while at the Lagoon.

Relaxing at the Blue Lagoon

Once we received our entry wristbands, we proceeded to the changing rooms. These are huge and absolutely beautiful!

Here, you will receive your own personal locker (which will be linked to your entrance bracelet) as well as complimentary shampoo and conditioner.

Once you have changed into your swim suit, you must head to the showers where you are asked to shower sans swim suit.

For those of you who are a little on the shy side, not to worry, there are some private stalls available for use.

While showering, be sure to apply the conditioner provided lavishly as the water in the lagoon contains silica, which can leave your hair quite grimy if you aren’t careful.

On this note, keep in mind not to put your head under the water while relaxing in the pool for the very same reason.

Iceland 1 Week Road Trip Itinerary

Tips for relaxing at the Blue Lagoon

  • You can store your luggage on site if you are come straight to/from the airport and do not have a car to leave it in. The storage room is located right outside the parking lot before walking in to the Lagoon’s main entrance so you can’t miss it. The price for storage is 3 euros per bag.
  • Take the opportunity to make the most of the facilities. It’s for a good reason that the Blue Lagoon is a world class spa, so make the most of the practicable showers, relaxing spa chairs, refreshment stands and more.
  • Don’t miss your chance to sample the silica mud they provide you at different spots around the pool. The skin revitalizing substance will rejuvenate your cells after a hard week trekking across Iceland, and won’t cost you a couple hundred dollars in the gift store on your way out. Just remember to only keep it on for 5-10 minutes, it is powerful stuff!
  • Take a breather from the geothermal waters if you feel too hot. As relaxing as the pool may be, don’t be afraid to step out for a few minutes if you feel yourself dizzy or overheating. This is supposed to be relaxing remember!?
  • Take your time and let your body fully embrace the spa and surroundings. Easier said than done, but try not thinking of anything and letting yourself enjoy the moment of deserved rest.

Relaxing at the Blue Lagoon

According to a special edition of National Geographic, the Blue Lagoon is one of 25 locations across the world that have been given “wonder of the world” status.

And we can certainly see why.

The turquoise waters mixed with the Mars-like volcanic rock really make it one of the most interesting and beautiful spas in the entire world.

Iceland has done a good job of not making it feel like just another attraction but something extraordinary that the country can offer to visitors and citizens alike.

It also gives a stark contrast to the adventure excursions across the rest of the country in terms of things to do and see while you are visiting.

With plans to continue expanding into 2017, there will be a chance for you to one day bask in the geothermal waters of this tantalizing hot spring, and we definitely give our recommendation to do so.

Relaxing at the Blue Lagoon

Have you had a chance to visit the Blue Lagoon?

How would you spend your day in a world class geothermal spa?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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