Our Favourite Travel Gadgets

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our favourite travel gadgets

Every traveller out there has a few items that they absolutely can’t travel without. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a few pictures from home, while other times it’s the latest tech item. Whatever it may be, everyone has their poison.

Below you’ll find a list of our favourite travel items. Maybe you’ll already know about them, but maybe you’ll discover an awesome new gadget to keep you company on your next journey! Let’s find out:

Collapsible Water Bottle

This is hands down Katherine’s favourite travel item! They are durable, compact and good for the environment – what more could you want in a travel gadget?! Our top pick are the collapsible bottles made by Vapur. They have a built-in hook so you’re sure never to lose your hydration system, plus they are super compact when empty which is great when you’re running low on space.

Action Camera

An absolute must if you like adventure and want to capture some great pics. We absolutely love our GoPro Hero 3! It’s waterproof, windproof, mud-proof, Katherine-proof (ha just kidding) – but seriously this thing will survive pretty much anything you put it through.

Packable Day Pack

These are great to use as a personal item on flights or to have in your luggage when you aren’t carrying a backpack. We’ve used these amazing Stowaway Packable Daypacks by Eddie Bauer on basically all of our trips since we’ve discovered them. They can be used as beach bags, to go hiking, to walk around the city, etc.

Waterproof Cellphone Case

A must if you are going anywhere where water damage to your phone is a possibility. We used these great cases by LifeProof during our trip to Iceland and they worked great. Had it not been for these cases, our phones would have been drenched by all the rain and waterfall spray!

Sleeping Bag Liner

Don’t immediately write this off if you aren’t going camping or backpacking. We use sleeping bag liners for so many different things when we travel! We use them as an extra blanket on planes/trains/buses, as a shell when our hotel sheets are questionable, and even as a changing room when in a pinch. Never underestimate the power of these compact little things. Our top pick is the SilkSak – it comes in a variety of sizes and colours at an affordable price!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These will change your life. No joke. We thought our other headphones were good at blocking out sound, but noise cancelling headphones are in a whole different league. You literally can’t hear anything but your music, which you will be oh so thankful for when the baby next to you cries for the entire length of a 12 hour flight. Please trust us when we tell you they are worth the investment. Our top pick are these beautiful wireless Bose headphones.


Never underestimate the usefulness of a fork/spoon/knife combo! We have used these countless times during our travels since they are a great way to ensure you always have utensils handy when you need a quick snack. Not only are they eco-friendly (since you won’t be needing any more disposable plastic utensils) but they are also inexpensive. Yay for budget travels! We absolutely love these sporks by Light My Fire, but any spork will do the trick.

Multi-Use Clothing

Probably the best thing you could ever pack if you are planning on packing light. Multi-use clothing items are the bomb dot com since they allow you to wear the exact same piece of clothing in so many different ways, so no one will be the wiser if you end up wearing it every single day of your trip. Katherine’s favourite multi-use clothing item is the Chrysalis Cardi by Encircled which can be worn 8+ ways!

Compact Power Bar

You will be everyone’s hero at the airport/bus station/train station/hostel lobby if you have one of these. Instead of hunting down all available outlets in the joint to charge all of your electronics, just plug this bad boy in and you’ll be able to charge as many items as you want all at the same time. If you have outlets left over, make some friends by inviting others to plug their devices in as well. Let’s be honest, it’s a fool proof plan. We recommend the Belkin Mini Travel Power Bar – it has 3 outlets and 2 USB ports!

Packing Cubes

You’ll be able to fit an astounding amount of crap into your tiny backpack if you have some of these. Plus they’ll keep all of your stuff nice and organized which is huge when you are packing and re-packing your bag basically every day. We love these packing cubes by MEC, but have also heard great things about the Eagle Creek packing cubes from fellow travellers.

Water Filtration System

This won’t be necessary if you’re travelling to countries where the tap water is clean, but if you’re going anywhere that requires you to drink from bottled water only, a quality filtration system is a must. We love the SteriPen as it is re-usable, runs on batteries and only takes 90 seconds to clean water! Basically it is a UV light that kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water, all without changing the taste. It’s eco-friendly and will save you tons of money in the long run because you won’t have to buy bottled water anymore.

What are your favourite travel gadgets?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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Our Favourite Travel Gadgets

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  1. Juliette @ Snorkels To Snow

    Good list! We always travel with our kindle too though – you’ll never know when you get stuck somewhere with nothing to do! We went shark cage diving once, except the sharks didn’t arrive for 9 HOURS so we were stuck on a boat the whole time! Fortunately we had a Kindle to help pass the time 😛

    • World Abound

      So true! We absolutely love our Kindles. They have made so many endless journeys better by having a good book on hand 🙂

  2. Melody P.

    Thanks for the list guys! I am looking forward to planning our trip to Ireland 🙂

    • World Abound

      Hope you have a great time in Ireland! Send us a message if you need any recommendations for Galway (Katherine did an exchange there!). Happy travels 🙂

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